human stem cell research oversight committee (hscro)

the case western reserve university human stem cell oversight (hscro) committee provides oversight of in vitro research involving:

  • the use of established human pluripotent stem cell lines that are limited to the national institutes of health (nih) human pluripotent stem cell registry;
  • the use of already existing human pluripotent stem cell lines;
  • the collection of tissues or embryos for derivation of new (not established or already existing) human pluripotent and induced pluripotent stem (hips) cell lines;
  • the procurement and use of ivf embryos for research, or the procurement and/or use of human gametes to create research embryos;
  • the in vitro culture of embryos or embryo-like structures;
  • the generation of human totipotent cells, and the mixing of totipotent or pluripotent stem cells with human embryos in vitro
  • the transfer of human unipotent or pluripotent stem cells, (hips) cells, and/or any of these stem cell types' direct derivatives into laboratory animals only where there is a possibility of human cell integration into the animals' central nervous systems (cns) and/or the animals' sex cells.


cwru hscro application

‌‌nih resources:

established cell lines
nih guidelines

other resources:

international society for stem cell research
national academy of sciences

hscro contacts:

colleen karlo at or 216-368-0838
kim volarcik at or 216-368-0134
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